Work in Progress: Paris Passy Gate


Work in Progress, Paris Passy Gate, Watercolor

I am always fascinated with details, behind the scenes and the logistics of doing certain things.  I think that’s one of the reasons why I became a designer.  In the past I have shown some work in progress photos of a painting after I had completed it.  This time, I thought I would share them while I was actually doing it!  It’s great for me to actually see the progression too.  When you see the image on the computer monitor, it can be more obvious what tweaks or modifications need to happen!  I hope those that are following my blog are enjoying this step by step process.

This phase of the painting I call the “block in” phase.  I have not gone over very much of this a second time to make adjustments.  Watercolor artists paint with this medium in so many different ways, wet on dry paper, wet on moist paper, wet on wet paper, glazing, etc.  That’s what makes it so exciting to work with.

I like to try to get everything the way I want it the first time, however nine times out of ten that never happens!  Therefore when everything is blocked in, I go on to the next phase. That’s when all the magic happens.   Stay tuned!

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