Work in Progress: Paris Passy Gate Now the Magic Happens

www.kimminichiello.comWork in Progress, Paris Passy Gate Watercolor

The block in for this painting Paris Passy Gate is complete and now I’ll move onto the next phase, pushing and pulling value and adding the details.  I’m very happy with the initial washes and the texture I was after to convey the patina on this bronze gate.  But over all the values are pretty mid-tone.  I want to darken areas and lighten areas.  That is what I mean by push and pull.  I will pull lights out and forward and push darks back.  The details I’ll add will be more emphasis on shadows and elements of the design that come after an initial wash.  I really love this part of painting, it’s when the magic happens and it starts to come to life!



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5 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Paris Passy Gate Now the Magic Happens

  1. It’s said we are our own best critics and your proving it with this work. Looking forward to seeing it as it progresses.. Like you said it’s all mid tones now but with the addition of some light and darks it should pop.

    • Hi Rich, I thought it would be great to show in the end how much value makes the difference! I always end my paintings adding the details and adjusting values. There is a quote that’s floats around among artists and no one knows who to give credit to for it, “Value does all the work and color gets all the credit!”

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