Women Painters of the Southeast 2nd Annual Exhibition


 My paintings Bird’s Eye View and Pak Tai Guardian in the exhibition.  Please contact Imagine Gallery, http://www.imagine-gallery.net, for purchase information.

Just got back from the Women Painters of the Southeast 2nd Annual Exhibition at the Imagine Gallery in Franklin, TN.  What an amazing show and experience!  Met so many wonderful new friends and talented artists.  What an inspirational demo by Lori Putnam!   Congratulations to a new friend and fellow Floridian, Rosalyn O’grady for winning Best in Show.  Such a wonderful event in a charming beautiful community!  Thank you to the Imagine Gallery and to all of those who organized the event and donated their time to make us all feel so welcome for the weekend.

You can view the works by in the show by all of these talented women artists here, http://www.onlinejuriedshows.com/ClosedShowThumbs.aspx?OJSID=109

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