When Life Gets In the Way, Keep Painting

www.kimminichiello.comWe have been undergoing a small renovation project on our house, part of which involves my studio. A project that started in June and should only have taken three weeks, for one shenanigan or another, has taken the better part of four months! Thank  goodness it’s not the kitchen!  As for my studio, it has been a bit chaotic, but I’m staying positive and I’m still painting!  New wood laminate flooring was installed last week. While some carpentry and painting work is being completed, I set up my painting table and easel in the middle of the room and I’m painting while keeping the carpenter company. I’m really looking forward to reorganizing my space and unpacking all of my art books which have been in boxes since May. I feel  so fortunate to have such a nice roomy, well-lit studio to work in!
P.S.  You can see a sneak peek of the progress of my current painting on the easel. 🙂

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