Watercolor Sketch The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World


Watercolor on Handmade Paper

It’s been a busy week here in the studio.  My newest work Gate of Reverence is finished except for a signature and a pressing.  Will post the finished painting soon!  I’m also in the process of researching and designing my next painting which I will be doing for a very special cause.  More to come on that too!  My daughter is home from school. I have been spending some wonderful time with her on her days off from work. And, my husband has some time off from work too!   Life is good.

Today thought I would post a sketch done a while back of some local subject matter.  This is a view of The Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney World in Florida.  It’s kind of challenging to sketch a big “grand” building on a small 6 inch by 9 inch page.   It forces you to measure and keep it simple!

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6 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketch The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World

  1. Hi Eli,
    You have inspired me to get out into the lovely sunshine we are currently experiencing, and take my paints with me.I am really out of practice, working mainly from photographs lately, so I really should make the time this week.

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