Watercolor Sketch: Sai Kung, Hong Kong New Territories



Watercolor Sketch on Handmade Paper

Some watercolor sketches, even though they are sketches I spend a bit more time on.  Others when you don’t have the time, are what I call quick and dirty!  Not that this sketch is dirty, I guess it’s just one, of many, of those expressions from my midwestern upbringing.

This one was done on a sketch outing with my friend Gladys.  We drove up to Sai Kung which is a peninsula surrounded by the South China Sea  north of Hong Kong Island in the New Territories.  We had painted at another location and then drove over to the Hong Kong Diving Club and decided to paint there.  This one was done in 15-20 minutes.  These quickies are good to do just to get an essence of the place without focusing too much on the details.

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