Watercolor Sketch, Peel Street Lanterns, Hong Kong

Kim MinichielloWatercolor on Handmade Paper

This sketch I did sitting on my stool across the street from a lantern and funerary shop on Peel Street in Hong Kong. Looking at this sketch takes me right back there!  It was one of those days that was so full of sensory overload:  shoppers bustling up and down the street, smells of food being prepared from the neighboring dai pai dongs, and being serenaded by Chinese opera music from the shop I was sitting in front of.  Some artists have a problem painting with so much activity.  It doesn’t really bother me. I enjoyed the atmosphere and at the same time I can focus and tune it out. The next week I went into the shop to buy something and the shopkeeper recognized me and wanted to to see the painting!

This sketch has inspired a larger painting I am currently designing.  It has been on and off the drawing board with all of the goings on this summer.  When things quite down the end of the month, I will get back to it!!  I think it’s gong to be fun to paint. I can’t wait!


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2 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketch, Peel Street Lanterns, Hong Kong

  1. What a lovely sketch. The colors are gorgeous and I like the ones with a pattern for added punch.
    Hope you do a larger painting of this. It will be a stunner!

  2. Laterns! Remember Mid-Autumn Festival? It was I believe last Thursday. You choose the right time to do caters again. Look forward to your sharing of the bigger piece. I wish I could tuned out the activities like you. Hapoy painting.

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