Watercolor Sketch in the South of France, Cévennes Region


Watercolor sketches on Handmade Paper

I have been on somewhat of a self-imposed exile from the internet and social media lately. I’ve been working intently on a special project I will share with everyone soon and have had a little bit of vacation time with family.

Today, I thought I would share a plein air sketch I did one summer when we lived in Paris.  We have friends that have a summer home in the Cévennes region in the South of France and we love to visit them and spend time there when we can.  They are there right now so I have been thinking of them the last few weeks.  The two sketches done vertically are views from the valley where they live.  The Cévennes area is west of Provence, more mountainous and absolutely lovely!

Stay tuned, I will share what’s been happening in the studio and will start posting works in progress of my new painting.  I hope everyone is have a great summer so far!

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