Watercolor Sketch in The Alcázar Seville Spain

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It’s been a busy week,  I’m in the process of finishing Gate of Reverence, and am brainstorming and designing a painting for a special project which I will talk about when it’s a bit further along.  Plus doing a lot of general life stuff, doctors appointments, grocery shopping, you know the stuff that still needs doing while we try to squeeze in painting time!

Today I’m posting another watercolor sketch from my travels.  I love Spain, even though,  sadly I speak no Spanish.  I have probably seen more there than in any other country in Europe.  I have been to southern Spain a few times and this sketch was done on one of those occasions in the Alcázar in Seville.

After sketching in many places oddly there are those select few where you find out after the fact,  it is forbidden to sketch there!  This is one. My husband and I settled down to do our sketches.  We split up, he a few yards away from where I was. We were probably about 45 minutes into the process, just about finishing up and we were approached by a guard asking us to stop.  Mind you if we were painting oils, I could see there might be some issue painting in the garden.  There were no signs posted, nothing in the literature we received when we paid our entrance fees.  You were allowed to take as many photographs as you like. The guard gave us no explanation. Needless to say we were a bit stumped. However, we came away feeling like we had gotten away with something, a nice memory painting in the Alcázar and some pretty decent sketches.


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5 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketch in The Alcázar Seville Spain

  1. Enjoyed your story! And your painting! I was surprised that you called it a “sketch” as it looks like a finished piece of art! I am naive I guess, maybe a sketch means on site?

    • Hi Helene, I guess I call this a sketch because it’s in my travel sketchbook and yes it was done on site. But, a sketch doesn’t necessarily have to be. I’ve done sketches in my studio too. For me a sketch might be a pre curser to a bigger painting. It’s also painting something I’m not planning on turning into a painting but am playing around or painting really loose. It’s also a way to experiment with new materials. It can be a study to see where a composition might be going. It has a broad definition for me! 🙂

  2. Kim your “sketch” is beautiful! It looks like a finished piece to me. My question is what is the “handmade paper”?

    • Hi June, Thank you for your nice comment! The particular sketchbooks I like have paper that is handmade in India. It is soft which forces you not to get it too wet and noodle your sketch too much. It also has a lot of texture which I love, and a beautiful deckled edge. When I paint on handmade paper I like to designate that it is. It handles the paint a bit differently than the machine mold papers, which I use too.

      • Thanks Kim for letting me know just what kind of paper it is……….that’s interesting. I really love the look of your painting on it.

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