Watercolor Sketch Chartres Cathedral


Watercolor Sketch on Handmade Paper

Spring is my favorite time of year in France.  I thought I would share a sketch I did in the Spring of my last year living in Paris, on a visit to Chartres.  We had just finished the day site seeing at the Cathedral and sat in the little park just behind it during the magic hour time of the day when the light is golden.  This is the back side of the Cathedral, done with ink pen and watercolor.  A wonderful moment frozen in time.

Chartres Cathedral is on the Unesco World Heritage List.  It is a perfect example of French Gothic Architecture.  Construction started in 1145 and continued  over a 26 year period after the fire of 1194.  It is in an unbelievable state of preservation with the majority of the original stained glass windows intact and only a few minor changes architecturally since the early 13th century.



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4 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketch Chartres Cathedral

  1. Hi – Kim – I discovered your lovely art work through Julie’s blog. Your pen and ink and watercolor sketch is truly lovely. So glad you are sharing your work with those who travel in cyberspace. Just beautiful. Have a great day.

  2. I love it! You are talented. My fiancée and I visited this cathedral in the spring of 1992. We took a train to Chartres and took some great black and white photos. Now after 21 years of marriage and three beautiful daughters, the beauties of France still are vivid in our memories. Thanks for sharing!

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