The Coral Reef Restaurant Menus at Epcot, Walt Disney World are Out!

Original Watercolor by Kim Minichiello, 22″ x 30,” for the Coral Reef Restaurant Menus  at Epcot Walt Disney World, Copyright 2014 The Walt Disney Company

I found out yesterday that the menus I did  for the Coral Reef are in guests hands at the restaurant!!   A friend who ate there last night sent me a photo of the dinner menu.  From the photo they look great and I can’t wait to see them in person.  So today I”m sharing  a photo of the original painting for the lunch menu which features a sea turtle.  The dinner menu is essentially the same painting, and features a spotted eagle ray instead of the turtle.  I also painted the background of the interiors of the menus. For the smaller dessert menu they were going to crop out more of a detailed area of the larger painting.

When I receive copies of the actual menus I will share them too.  I am so excited, this project was an absolute joy to work on and am thrilled the folks at Walt Disney Imagineering and at Epcot loved it!  If you are at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival stop by Coral Reef and take a peek!


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