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Some of the Letters Going Out to All the FWS Signature Members

I was a little under the weather today so I didn’t go out plein air painting.  I thought I would share one of the things I have been up to the last couple of weeks.  Have you ever entered a show with a society, art guild, or art center and won an award?  Do you know where that award gift of money or merchandise came from?  It comes from generous members of the group as well as those individuals that love and are so kind to support the arts, as well as sponsors, businesses or companies that do the same.  

My responsibility this year being Second Vice President of the Florida Watercolor Society is to graciously ask many of our over 1000 membership to consider donating for an award for our annual exhibition, that is part of our convention every fall.  Last year we had over $24, 000 in cash and merchandise that was presented to 21 artists as part of our award program for our exhibition.  Many of the awards are in honor of members that have passed  our founded FWS.  One award The Healing Arts Award is a purchase award, whose painting is then donated to a local hospital.  

Last week I stuffed, labeled and stamped 285 letters to just our Signature members to donate to awards and next week letters will go out to all our past presidents, and merchants who also generously donate their time to make FWS such a stellar organization as well as put on a fantastic convention with workshops, and trade show for members and non members every year.  

Next task after letters go out, is to collect items for our raffle and silent auction.  With such a large member ship we usually have a great collection of art supplies, DVD’s, and non art related items that are raffled or auctioned during our convention.    

If you are interested in learning more about FWS or donating you can visit the web site here.  If you cleaned out your studio to get ready for the new year and have art supplies you no longer need.  Contact me and send them my way! 

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