Odd Man Out Accepted to The Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition

www.KimMinichiello.comOdd Man Out, Watercolor, 20.5″ x 40″ , 52 cm x 101.5 cm, $4200

My painting Odd Man Out has been selected for the 2014 Kansas Watercolor Society’s National Exhibition at The Wichita Center For The Arts.  I’m so honored to be in this show. Thank you to juror Thomas Schaller, whose work I greatly admire, for choosing this piece.

I have such a connection to this painting inspired by a plein air sketch I did on Peel Street in Hong Kong.  Some of my happiest moments were sketching, painting and exploring that city and for me it’s even more poignant that this piece was chosen for this show with all the political unrest that’s happening in Hong Kong right now.

For all my artists friends out there who enter competitive shows, DON’T GIVE UP! The selection process for any show can be very selective and can be greatly influenced by the taste of the judge.  This painting has been rejected from two regional shows, only to be accepted into this national show!  A painting isn’t bad, or you are not a terrible artist because a work is declined for a show.  I look at it as a golden opportunity for it to be available somewhere else.  If this painting had been juried into a current regional show, I would not have been able to enter it for the Kansas show!

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7 thoughts on “Odd Man Out Accepted to The Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition

  1. You are doing some truly vibrant art. Lots of energy(qi) or life breath resound fron them. Jusf like the strreet life in Hong Kong. ..keep doing these awesome watercolors..

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