New Work…Waiting to Be Found

Waiting to Be Found, Watercolor Mounted on Board and Sealed, 6″ x 6,” 15.25 cm x 15.25 cm, $275 Framed in Gold Plein Air Frame

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In continuation of my mushroom series and in honor of morel mushroom season, at least in the midwest, I’m posting my latest painting, “Waiting to Be Found.”  Hunting (or in chef speak, foraging) for morels was a big part of my childhood.  As if it wasn’t fun enough to  traipse through the woods, looking for morels just added a whole other level of excitement.  With walking sticks in hand, we would clear the May apples with hopes to find these treasures hidden on the forest floor.  Of course, if I found one I would have to screech the announcement at the top of my lungs to my mom.  Until, I quickly learned, that if there were others out there looking you had just made the big proclamation as to where they could be found.  Patches where morels are hidden are a closely guarded secret in the mushroom hunting world!

Sometimes you would hit the mother lode because they often grow in clusters!  I quickly learned from my mom and grandfather the delicate art of pinching them at the base to pick them and not pulling them up from the roots.  The latter supposedly prevented them from growing again. But I never quite got that because I thought they were propagated by spores.  If any one knows the scoop on this please feel free to comment.

I remember my grandfather going to Michigan to hunt and coming back with his station wagon, packed to gills with styrofoam coolers full of them which he sold to the local market.  Today they retail for over $32.00 per pound!

My mom and dad own wooded property where my mom still goes out every May.  Shouting is aloud now since no one else is supposed to be in there because there are “No Trespassing” signs posted all over.  So if my mom sees the May apples trampled, you better watch out, she carries a big walking stick!

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6 thoughts on “New Work…Waiting to Be Found

  1. Funny story – I grew up in Detroit, lived in New England for 7 yrs, and then moved to Indiana. Having been around the block a few times, and not quite 30 yrs old, I naturally assumed I knew a few things. So, when my coworkers (engineers at Eli Lilly and Co.) started talking about hunting mushrooms, I naturally assumed they were referring to a psychokinetic, or hallucinogenic variety. I got to thinking – Man, it must be so boring in Indy…When they get tired of cow tipping, they really get passionate about finding their mushroom highs here! I mean, these folks were all secretive about where they hunted their shrooms – would not tell a soul. Some even had the GPS locations in their wills! I’m not kidding! All the signs pointed to the fact that I was working with about 100 engineers and scientist nerds who got high regularly during mushroom season. This was before the days of internet, but I eventually was able to get the lowdown on this miraculous, mood enhancing fungus named “Morel” and boy did I laugh when I figured out 1. They were not going to send anyone into altered consciousness and 2. I had a few growing in my backyard!

  2. Mushrooming is our Mother’s Day tradition and my mom soaks the mushrooms in salt water brine killing are the insects that live in the nooks and crannies of the morel. I love them sauteed in butter with salt an pepper…Only three more weeks until I go looking!

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