New Work… Secret Hiding Place

Watercolor on Twinrocker Handmade Paper, 6″ x 6,” 15 cm x 15 cm, Framed Size 11″ x 11,” 28 cm x 28 cm


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After Painting, my last mushroom painting, Finders Keeper, I decided to so a series.  I’m not sure what kind of mushrooms these are or even if they are edible.  I wanted to create a sense of mystery in the background and really liked the diagonal line of the moss where the mushrooms are growing. They look they are hanging on for dear life.

These small paintings I like to mount on an archival board and seal them with acrylic UV sealer, therefore they don’t need to be framed with a mat behind glass.  They look lovely in  gold plain air frame.  I will post them framed in the future when I have better photos.

This painting will be in the April Exhibition at the 127 SoBo gallery, “Birds, Bees, Flowers & Trees.”

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2 thoughts on “New Work… Secret Hiding Place

  1. Another beautiful mushroom painting. happy you are doing a series and I do like the mystery and sense of space you achieved.

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