New Orleans and the Louisiana Watercolor Society 44th International Exhibition

Me and Anne

Me and judge Anne Abgott

I just had a wonderful weekend in New Orleans!  Saturday was the reception for the Louisiana Watercolor Society’s 44th International Exhibition at the Garden District Gallery.  It was a such a treat meeting some of the other artists in the show.  I had a chance to meet David Poxon via Skype, since he is in the UK, and a fellow Facebook friend Vicki Monette, whom I got to know through Carrie Waller. So nice to finally meet her in person.   All had fabulous work in the show.  Sorry I didn’t get to meet Facebook friends, Carrie, Iain Stewart, and Arena Shawn, who couldn’t make the reception but got to see their lovely paintings.   Thanks to judge Anne Abgott for including my painting in the show and for jurying such a well balanced beautiful body of work for this exhibition!  And a special thank you to all the LWS members who organized the show.  Without all of their hard work these events wouldn’t happen!

One of the rooms in the Garden District Gallery

The Garden District Gallery is catty-corner from the famous Commander’s Palace Restaurant in the Garden District

I didn’t know the long weekend was going to start off with such an adventure.  I had dinner with friends Friday evening when I  arrived only to come out of the restaurant in a torrential downpour, and my phone piercing my ear drums to tell us there were flash flood warnings.  Luckily we were  in and SUV and my friend had experience driving through flood water. Looking down the side streets off of St. Charles Ave.,  on the way back to the inn, I was getting a bit nervous seeing water up to the middle of doors on the parked cars!  With my friends expert driving, we made it to the street where my car was parked and luckily the water hadn’t passed the bottom of my car door.  If I had been parked on the South side of St. Charles, I would have been in trouble!  I moved my car to higher ground and waded back to my room with water almost up to my knees! (You will just have to trust me, it was dark and I was a bit scattered to take pictures!) By morning the water was gone and all had gone back to normal.

After the reception Saturday afternoon and dinner,  I was lucky to stumble upon the annual Champagne Stroll on Magazine Street!  Sunday, I spent the day wondering around the French Quarter and the Garden District, getting inspired by all the beautiful iron work and architecture and taking lots of photos.  I’ve already got some potential painting ideas swimming in my head!


Impromptu Jazz

Nothing better than this! Jazz in the French Quarter!

Nothing better than this either, a paté sandwich and a glass of iced tea  at Le Croissant d’Or Bakery

Tenessee Williams

A pilgrimage to the Avart- Peretti House where Tennessee Williams wrote Streetcar Named Desire, one of the best plays and movies ever!

Fleurty Girl

Ironically the house is currently a shop named “Fleurty Girl”

On a side note, speaking of Streetcar Named Desire, in the movie actress Kim Hunter,  won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1951 for her role as Stella.  Iv’e always had an affinity for this actress, because we had the same name until I got married! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “New Orleans and the Louisiana Watercolor Society 44th International Exhibition

  1. Kim, what an adventure you had in New Orleans!
    Yes, the water can rise very fast here and that’s how so many people ended up stranded on their rooftops after Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. Very thankful you made it through all that.
    On a personal note, it was such a highlight to meet you! I loved the LWS International Show. It was an honor to be in it with you. Meeting Anne Abgott was wonderful. Such a nice lady and so knowledgable about watercolor.
    I am definitely looking forward to seeing your artistic interpretations of our area. I know it will be great.
    Keep painting! I love your work.
    Vicki Monette

    • Thanks Vicki! I was so happy to get to meet you too and your work is amazing! Thanks so much again for the panels! Anne is wonderful, she is such a great teacher too. If anyone has the opportunity to learn from Anne and take one of her workshops, I highly recommend it! Happy painting, can’t wait to see your next one!

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