More Work in Progress of Paris Passy Gate

www.kimminichiello.comWork in Progress of Paris Passy Gate

Today I’m sharing some more work in progress photos of one of my latest paintings Paris Passy Gate.  The focal point of this piece will be the gate itself which I decided to mask out so I could just do the background and not have to worry about painting around everything.


I’m working on a softer paper which I can work in more textural techniques, but have to be very careful.  This paper is not for those who like to glaze multiple layers.  The paint moves around very easily if it is re-wet.  It’s great for softening edges but it’s more of a get in and get it done process while working on it.


Since I was  going to be working on the Coral Reef Menu project for a while I wanted to get the background finished so I could remove the masking.  I didn’t want the masking sitting on the paper very long and take the chance of it ruining it or not coming off! It’s happened before. 🙁

Kim Minichiello


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