Lotus Nocturne

Kim MinichielloLotus Nocturne, Watercolor, 39″ x 18.5″

The lotus is part of the symbolic language of eastern religions. It is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.  Each part of the plant has a meaning or significance from the roots, to the stems emerging from muddy waters, the leaves, buds and flowers.  Symbolizing the souls journey through life, coming from the murky water, the stems rise above the mud, the buds an unborn soul, the beautiful flower rising above it all and opening, enlightenment, and the seeds falling from the pod, enlightened souls to help guide others.

Traveling through Asia I have marveled at lotus ponds I have seen in Bali, China and Japan.  I have wanted to do a large painting in a vertical format for a while and felt this was the perfect subject matter.  I enjoyed designing the composition for this piece and wanted to depict all the stages of the flower from bud, to bloom, to the seed pods and the strength of this majestic plant rising to the heavens.   It was  a meditation and a challenge at the same time working with a limited palette of color for a larger painting.


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