Greetings From Los Angeles

www.kimminichiello.comThe Rose Garden on the University of Southern California Campus

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter you man know  I was headed out to LA last week.  (If you  would like to, you can by clicking here.)   I used to live here when I worked for Walt Disney Imagineering in California  and moved to Florida about fifteen years ago.  Wow, has time flown!  It’s been great visiting places I used to go often and seeing old friends and meeting new friends, more on that in a future post!

Every trip I take, if I can help it, involves art!  I always check out what shows and exhibitions are at the museums in the area.  I am a museum junkie!  I also like to make time for sketching or painting.  This trip has been no exception.  I started off my week at the Gene Autry Museum or as it is referred to now as the Museum of the American West,  to see a current exhibition, Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork.  I am a descendent from the Miami Nation and was pleasantly surprised to see a vest by Katrina Mitten also from the Miami Nation.  The Miamis are not as well-known as other Native American Nations so it was nice to see them represented.

www.kimminichiello.coThe Museum of the American West at the Autry National Center

At the Pasadena Museum of California Art there is a wonderful exhibition on painter Armin Hansen.  I was not that familiar with his work prior to seeing the show and now I am big a fan! His color sense and brushwork are incredible.   More on this show in a future post.

www.kimminichiello.comThe Fisher Museum of Art on the USC Campus

As luck would have it the California Art Club Gold Medal Show opened last Sunday at the Fishers Museum of Art on the USC campus.  What an amazing show.  If you are in the area I would highly recommend seeing it.

www.kimminichiello.comPainting in Crystal Cove, Laguna, California

Last weekend my husband and I hit the road to Laguna and plein air painted in Crystal Cove and then visited the Red Fern and De Ru’s galleries that represent the classic and some contemporary California Plein Air Painters and Impressionists.

www.kimminichiello.comFrom the Hill Overlooking the Japanese Garden

Monday, I spent the afternoon plein air painting in the lovely Japanese Garden at the Huntington Gardens and Library.  I adore this place and used to go often when I lived here.

I’m winding up my trip and have a few more art happenings planned before I go home.  Stay tuned.  I will expand on a few things in more detailed posts in the next few weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Greetings From Los Angeles

  1. So fun to hear of your travels. I have not been on our group site so missed if you did this pre iously. (Tslk to us while traveling) my niece grew up swimming in Crystal Cove so Ihave isited alot. Not doing art at that time.
    Your piece looks beautiful. How do you keep your pencil work fron showing thru?
    And do you tape off edges?

    • Hi Helene!
      How cool your niece grew up swimming Crystal Cove! As a far as my pencil lines, I don’t worry about them. I actually don’t mind if some of the pencil shows through in the painting. I tape the edges if I’m in the mood to. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. If I don’t I just use a big clip to attach to my board. 🙂

  2. I lived in Newport Beach for a while and would pop on down to Crystal Cove so this brought back happy memories.
    I was intrigued by your post on the work of Armin Hansen. Thank you for showing us his work. Brilliant color…talk about eye candy with skill! Loved it.

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