Favorite Things Top Ten: Number 3 , The Tube Wringer

www.KimMinichiello.comI’ve always been very frugal.  I hate to waste anything!  Whether it be bottle, tube or jar I’m going to get the last drop out of it.  Paint can be expensive and I don’t want to waste any of it.  I think that’s why I also love watercolor among other reasons,  I don’t waste any paint! After I’ve squirted it on my palette,  if it dries up, I re-wet it and use it, instead of throwing it away like you have to do oils.  To insure I get every once out of the tube I use a tube wringer.  You just clamp it at the bottom, twist the handle and it forces all the paint to the top of the tube.  Once there is nothing left to squeeze, I cut the top off and scoop out the rest with a brush.



I cut the end of the tube and dig the rest out!

I told my husband he needed one for his oils and he thought I was nuts, until I got him one and he loves it too.  It’s the simple things!

Here is the link if you would like to get one or two. 🙂  A few of the on line art stores also sell them you can add it to your order if you are getting some art supplies. 

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