Featured Article in The Winter Garden Magazine

www.KimMinichiello.comIt’s been a busy few weeks, I shipped off 13 paintings to The Waterworks Museum of Art for “WAM Presents WAM.”  I will be part of a five women show that includes my Women Artists Mentors (WAM) group.  Members are Helen K. Beacham from Summerville, SC, Maria Bennett Hock from Cary, NC, Debra Kierce from Ashburn, VA, and Carrie Waller who is currently living in Tokyo, Japan.  The show opens with an opening reception on Sunday, March 12 and closes on April 15.  Maria and Debra will be there at the closing reception to give a  presentation which includes painting demonstrations.  It’s going to be a great show!  I’m thrilled and honored to be part of this exhibition. 

This week I’m getting ready for the Windermere Art Affair, the only out door show I do each year, it’s this weekend March 4 & 5 from 11:00 am -5:00 pm.

Recently, I was thrilled to get a copy of the February issue of The Winter Garden Magazine, who did a featured article on me!  I am honored!  Thanks to the Winter Garden Art Association for recommending me for the article and the editors at the magazine for putting together such a lovely layout! 

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Favorite Things Top Ten, Number 2: Twinrocker Paper


Assisi Guardian, Watercolor, 24″ x 22,” on Twinrocker Paper, currently in the Kansas Watercolor Society’s National Exhibition at the Mark Arts Center in Wichita, Kansas, Juror, Dean Mitchell

I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana, called Logansport.   Unbeknownst to me not more than 30 miles away was a small factory making handmade papers for stationary and watercolor.  I drove by it many times on my way to Purdue University, where I went to college when I would drive home for a “home fix” and to have my mom make my favorite meals.  She is an excellent cook, and I’m proud to say I have inherited her skills!  

www.KimMinichiello.comWhen I started painting in watercolor I visited an Indiana artists at his home gallery and studio, Terry Armstrong.  He was showing me some of his latest work and I loved the paper he was working on.  It was Twinrocker.  Then he sat me straight up when he told me it’s made in Indiana, in Brookston!  Thirty two miles and thirty-eight minutes from where I grew up!  What are the chances of that? I always go and stock up on paper when I visit my mom. I blogged about one of my visits to Twinrocker, here


You can order a sample pack to try it!

I love this paper for a variety of reasons.  It’s the only handmade made paper made entirely in the United States and I like supporting this business!  I love the weight of the paper, the texture, and the type and amount of sizing on it.  My preference is for the rough texture, but I have also used the cold press.  I can’t explain it but the paint flows differently on it than other papers I use.  It’s slightly more expensive but totally worth it for me! 

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www.kimminichiello.comOriginal Art, Limited Edition Giclée Prints & Note Cards of my work available here.

Randy Higbee 6 Inch Squared Show

Into the Woods cprt

Into the Woods, Watercolor Mounted on Board and Sealed, 6 x 6, $295, available at the show

I’m so happy that I will have work again in The Randy Higbee Gallery for the annual Six Inch Squared Show.  This is a highlight of the year for many in Southern California!  I have many friends in the show and am honored to be in such good company!  If you are in the area the show opens, with the Gala Reception on December 3, from 6-9 pm.  The show will be up the month of December and a bit into the first of the year.

Randy Higbee Gallery

102 Kalmus Drive.  Costa Mesa.  Ca.  9262


Nepali Temple, Watercolor Mounted on Board and Sealed, 6 x 6, $295 available at the show

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New Work: “Gone But Not Forgetten”


Gone But Not Forgotten, Mixed Media, 22.5″ x 15″


I have had such a crazy busy summer, I have been neglecting the ole blog a bit.  Thought I would check in and post a new painting!  This is a big departure from my normal work.  My goal was to try a new technique and push myself to do something different.  The process was so much fun on this one!

This painting is going to be featured in the City Hall of Winter Garden, Florida for a show featuring citrus, since this whole area where I live in Central Florida was a mecca for the citrus industry.  The show will be up from Sept. 12 through October.

When I moved to the area where I live,  17 years ago.  It was very rural and we were a tiny neighborhood tucked in orange groves.  When the trees blossomed in the early spring the smell was intoxicating!  I would always drive with my car windows down and just smell!  I always looked forward to that time of year.

Well things have changed.  All the groves have become housing complexes, shopping centers and high schools.  I guess you can’t stop progress or population growth, at least our county commissioners can’t because you are hard pressed to find a grove anymore.  This painting is an homage to those times I remember enjoying living around orange groves, hence the title, “Gone But Not Forgotten.”  The metallic gold background symbolizes the reverence I feel for those former groves and trees.

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First Place at Windermere Art Affair and Are Your Ready to Do an Art Fair?

www.kimminichiello.comI haven’t done an art fair in over seventeen years.  In a former art life, the one where I made hand dyed, painted and block printed children’s wear, I used to do 8 shows a year in the Los Angeles area.  From past experience I know how much work they can be!  When the organizer of the “Windermere Art Affair” asked if I would participate in the first annual event this last weekend,  I couldn’t say no.  I love my community so much, so I got the tent out, dusted it off, and borrowed wall panels from a dear artist friend who was so kind to let me use them.  I was thrilled to win first place for overall body of work at the show!  There were some great artists there in a variety of media.

I’ve been preparing for this event for a few months.   I thought I would share my process a bit in case you are considering venturing into art fair territory.  First you must ask yourself do I have the inventory to create a nice display on the three walls of the booth?  Knowing a typical booth is 10 feet by 10 feet, and how much and how big your best work is you can make an assessment.  Notice I said best work,  I wanted to put my best foot forward and display what I felt represented who I am as a painter now. I know one of the goals is to get some sales, if you have older work that you would like to move and perhaps offer at a lower rate than that’s great!  But, personally I wouldn’t show it if it doesn’t hold up to your other work.  Your gut will tell you if it does!  Also consider your audience where the fair is bing held and anticipate what they may be drawn to subject wise and if you are inspired to do new work, add that to your repertoire.

Once I realized I had enough original work for the booth, I started inventorying my giclée prints and note cards. I made more cards, and had more prints run, to offer some lesser price items for sale along with the higher priced originals. I also had to consider how I was going to display the prints and cards.  I then laid out and designed the booth display, and made a list of all the equipment I would need to set up the booth and display everything. I purchased things along the way I new I would need I didn’t have on hand. As I thought of something in the 3 month span I had to prep for the show, I would write it down on an ongoing list of stuff to pack.  This way your not trying to think of everything you need a few days or the day before the show.

www.kimminichiello.comImagine your self making a sale, how are you going to record it,  charge tax, accept credit cards, make change and package the purchases.  Figure all this out in advance so you have time to get a Square or PayPal swipe for credit cards  and do a trial run with the software.  You don’t want to make your customers wait while you try and figure it all out! Make sure your devices are charged and you have an extra back up battery and you have no problem with internet connectivity.  Plan an area in the  booth where you are going to conduct the sales out of the way of others who may be browsing.

If you aren’t a seasoned art fair exhibitor, mock up your set up before the show.  Make sure you have everything you need tent, walls,  signage, and weights to weigh down the tent in case of wind.  I’m not kidding about the weights don’t take any chances.  I heard a recent story from a friend who attended and art fair recently that a strong wind carried an artists entire tent and work into a nearby stream and they watched it float away! Plan for in-climate weather if necessary and your art is protected from wind and rain.

Make sure all your gear and your art fit in your vehicle if you have a loving spouse, (luckily I have one of those!) or a friend take a second vehicle if it doesn’t fit in one.  Survey the area if you can ahead of time and get all the information from the fair organizers on set up and tear down. It can be very chaotic at set up and tear down, the more prepared you are the less stressed you will be and the smoother it all will go.

Don’t forget promotional materials, business cards, brochures, information on workshops if you teach them, a guest book to collect email addressed for your newsletter if you do one  and last but not least, if you have the space some fresh flowers are really nice! Thanks to my husband for suggestion that one!  Organize all your packing materials during set up and stow them away so that everything is ready and it’s where you need it for tear down.  Also bring a tool box  and duct tape, you would be surprised how that will come in handy!

Click here to see a video link of my booth set up.

If this was at all helpful please leave a comment and let me know and if you are a seasoned art fair exhibiter I  would love for you to share some helpful tips!

Into the Woods cprtLimited Edition Giclée Prints & Note Cards of my work available here.


5th Annual Women Painters of The Southeast Exhibition


Odd Man Out, Watercolor, 40″ x 20.5″

I’m so happy to be accepted for the 4th year in a row!  Women Painters of The Southeast, WPSE,  is a juried organization of women artists living in the Southeast United States who paint  representational work in a variety of media. I will have two paintings in the show next year.  The show will be at The Art Depot in Abingdon, Virginia, April 9-30, 2016.  Fellow WAM, Women Artists Mentors, member Maria Bennett Hock also has work in the show.  Save the date if you live in the Southwestern part of Virginia.  We might see there!


Splash of Red, Watercolor Mounted on Cradled Board and Sealed, 12″ x 12″ x 2″

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Jewels In the Forest

www.kimminichiello.comJewels In the Forest, Watercolor on Handmade Paper, 6″ x 6,” 15 cm x 15 cm

I know I’m on kind of a mushroom kick, here is the latest painted the same size as the others in the series.  After working on larger paintings it’s gratifying to do these small ones!   The process is a lot quicker to a finished painting. However,  I try to keep reminding myself of the joy in the process and not to get so hung up on the results!  Speaking of joy, whatever brings you joy this holiday season, I hope you are taking the time to savor and be present in those moments.  Time is passing too quickly!

4493-5321-1028201511-waiting_to_be_foundOn a side note, another mushroom painting “Waiting to be Found will be in the Randy Higbee 6 Inch Squared Show, which opens this weekend at his gallery in Costa Mesa, California.  If you are in the area it’s a fantastic show with works of all media. Click on the Randy Higbee link for the address.  You can preview and purchase the paintings at Daily Brush Works.

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I’m in the Artist’s Space in the Orlando Arts Magazine


Orlando Arts FeatureThe November/December Issue of Orlando Arts Magazine

In September I got an email out the blue from Jessica Chapman the Managing Editor at Orlando Arts Magazine, asking if I would be interested in being featured in their “Artist’s Space” section of the magazine!  My answer was an outstanding YES!  Jessica and Phelan Ebenhack a freelance photographer that works throughout the city and beyond, wanted to come to my studio, shoot me in my environment and interview me.  The kicker was they needed to do it fast.  Let’s just say I’m not the greatest at keeping my studio neat and tidy.  It is a studio after all!  This forced me to do a much-needed organizing session.  It was a blast to do and it was wonderful to get to know and chat with Phelan and Jessica.  I’m so happy with how the article turned out and even more thrilled that I’m in the issue with Mary Whyte’s work on the cover! Just sayin’! Her work is in an exhibition at the Mennello Museum of American Art here in Orlando.  I posted about that a couple of weeks ago. It was great to work in a super tidy studio for a week, because that’s about how long it lasted.

You can click here to go to my web site to read the article.

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Meeting Mary Whyte


Mary Whyte and Kim Minichiello

Mary Whyte’s exhibition “A Portrait of Us”  opened this past weekend at the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando, Florida. I  was beyond excited to see her work in person, since I’m a big admirer and have read most of her books, (see book reviews here),  but then to meet her during a gallery talk on Saturday was an incredible opportunity!

Mary is the nicest and most beautiful person as her paintings are stunning.  She shared a bit about her background and how she came to paint the Gullah women  on John’s Island in South Carolina, as well as a brief story and sometimes a bit of technical insight on every painting in the exhibition.  In addition her husband  Smith Coleman, Smitty, was there to discuss how he complements her work with the frames he hand makes, and the process that goes into carving and finishing the frames to enhance the paintings even farther. All of Mary’s paintings were framed by frames made by Smitty.  The frames as well as the work were absolutely beautiful.


Mary Discussing the Model from the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

Knowing the stories and the thought process that went into each work gave me an even bigger appreciation of what I was seeing. It was such a unique opportunity to experience the artists giving a narrative of every piece in the show!   I loved one thing Mary said when discussing her work and that was, “What do you want the piece to say, and then how can say more.”  Something to keep in the back of my head while composing and  painting my own work.


Mary talks about how she composed these two works and the stories behind them.

The show will be running from now until January 3, 2016.  I plan to go back again since I know I will have a different experience another time.  This show is not to be missed especially for artists who paint in watercolor!

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From John Lasseter to Vivienne Westwood

www.kimminichiello.comThis past weekend was the graduation for SCAD seniors and grad students and they had the lucky fortune to have John Lasseter from the Walt Disney Company and Pixar giving the commencement address.  And, it  was my good fortune to attend!  He gave a very heart warming speech looking back on his career getting his degree at Cal Arts, working at Disney early on, only to be fired for not “fitting in” at the time.  Then  meeting Ed Catmull, founding Pixar and working with Steve Jobs.  John is adamant about animation being for everyone!  He shared a story of a well-worn Woody doll being sent to him from the folks at Walt Disney World after it had been turned in at guest relations because the boy who owned it was getting a new one to replace the old one and felt the “old” Woody should retire at Walt Disney World.  John was clearly emotional realizing that a character and wonderfully told story can touch peoples lives in more ways than one can imagine.  Just because the media happens to be animation or as some would call them cartoons, it can be ever so meaningful to so many! Especially to the boy who would watch cartoons everyday after school, realize he could create them for a living then become the chief creative officer at Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Toon Studios and the Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering!


Cirque du Soleil Performers and Confetti for the Grand Finale at the SCAD Graduation Ceremony

Then later in the afternoon I made a return visit to the SCAD Museum of Art to see the newly installed Vivienne Westwood exhibition, Dress Up Story-1990 Until Now  in conjunction with the annual SCAD Fashion Show 2015. The André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Westwood in recognition of her achievements and legacy in fashion.  Talley curated the exhibition.  Selections from SCAD Museum of Art’s  collection of British and American paintings hung salon-style creating a wonderful backdrop for  Westwood’s designs.


www.kimminichiello.comSince I am a knitter and also crochet I can appreciate the work that went into this!

www.kimminichiello.comThis one too!

www.kimminichiello.comAnd the socks to go with it!

www.kimminichiello.comwww.kimminichiello.comAll hand done!



www.kimminichiello.comThank you Dame Vivienne for such beautiful and inspiring designs!