Into the Woods

Into the Woods cprt

Into the Woods, Watercolor, 6 x 6 on Twinrocker Handmade Paper

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The past few weeks I’ve working on a couple more small 6 x 6 paintings to add to my mushroom series. I first got the idea to do this series because I love mushrooms, (not the hallucinogenic kind.)  What’s so funny as a kid I used to detest them, except for the morels we used to hunt for in the spring. It’s funny how your tastes change. I’m fascinated with how they grow, I think they are beautiful to study and look at, and some varieties taste absolutely amazing!  I’m known to pull off the side of the road to snap pictures!  I only wish that I, like all the pharmacists in France, knew which are edible and which are poisonous.  It’s a requirement there that they all know this!

I have a dear friend who is from France and she loves mushrooms as much as I do.  I’m attaching a picture of a mother load of porcini’s she found once.  She also happens to be a great photographer and she has provided me with some of the photo reference for this series.  “Into the Woods” is based on one of her photos, she took in British Columbia.

DSCF4599My Friend’s Porcini Stash!

I’m using for this series one of my favorite papers to paint on, Twinrocker.  I love the granulation I get with certain pigments and how they settle into this paper.  They have different surfaces and this happens to be the cold press finish.  When I want a lot of texture, I use the rough paper.

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Watercolor Sketching Workshop in Winter Garden Florida

The Old Water Tower, in Stillman & Birn Alpha Series Sketchbook

The more I teach the more I realize I love to teach!  We had a glorious weekend with the arrival of some cooler weather, which only lasted the weekend by the way, it’s hot again!  I can’t remember since moving to Florida seventeen years ago it ever being this hot this late in November!  I digress…. I had three lovely ladies join me for a weekend of sketching and they were great!  Sketching in the morning and afternoon is tiring and they were real troopers and really enjoyed it.

Sketching the Red Caboose and Train Station

I’m hearing from students in all of my workshops that I cover many topics that most instructors  don’t discuss and they are so happy to discover and learn about!  There were quite a few light bulb moments in this workshop, which I was thrilled about!  I love that I can help others move forward with their painting/sketching practice and that I’m providing them with many take aways.

The Crooked Can Brewery, in Stillman & Birn Alpha Series Sketchbook

In this watercolor sketching workshop since we were sketching in Downtown Historic Winter Garden and focusing mostly on architecture, I covered  different perspective views, horizon lines, vanishing points, one and two point perspective and proportions.  Proportions are key, it took me a while when I first started sketching to figure out how to measure and make sure what I wanted to sketch fit on the page!  How many of you have started sketching something only to run out of room on your paper?

An added bonus for me is that while I’m explaining all of this to others I can’t help but grow and improve myself!

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I’m in the Artist’s Space in the Orlando Arts Magazine


Orlando Arts FeatureThe November/December Issue of Orlando Arts Magazine

In September I got an email out the blue from Jessica Chapman the Managing Editor at Orlando Arts Magazine, asking if I would be interested in being featured in their “Artist’s Space” section of the magazine!  My answer was an outstanding YES!  Jessica and Phelan Ebenhack a freelance photographer that works throughout the city and beyond, wanted to come to my studio, shoot me in my environment and interview me.  The kicker was they needed to do it fast.  Let’s just say I’m not the greatest at keeping my studio neat and tidy.  It is a studio after all!  This forced me to do a much-needed organizing session.  It was a blast to do and it was wonderful to get to know and chat with Phelan and Jessica.  I’m so happy with how the article turned out and even more thrilled that I’m in the issue with Mary Whyte’s work on the cover! Just sayin’! Her work is in an exhibition at the Mennello Museum of American Art here in Orlando.  I posted about that a couple of weeks ago. It was great to work in a super tidy studio for a week, because that’s about how long it lasted.

You can click here to go to my web site to read the article.

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