The Red Head for a Paint Around

Red Head, 18″ x 22″, Watercolor

Tomorrow night is the Winter Garden Art Association’s First “Splash” 2015 Gala at the 127 SoBo Gallery!  I am participating in a Paint Around, with three other watercolor artists.  The way it works is everyone designs a painting or uses a painting they have painted before.  We have an hour to do all four paintings,  the kicker is we all paint on each others.  We start with our own, then after fifteen minutes the paintings are passed around counter-clockwise. I have 10 minutes, to work on the one to my left, then after 10 minutes, they get passed again and so on. The last 15 minutes of the hour, I get mine back to finish it.  While we are doing this, guests will be arriving, milling around and drinking martinis and wine.  Which maybe I should have before I start!

When they are finished we will all sign each one, back mat, and protect it.  Throughout the evening volunteers will be selling raffle tickets to win a chance to take home the four paintings.  All proceeds will go to the Winter Garden Art Association.

I have volunteered to help at an event like this at the Florida Watercolor Society Convention, but have never participated in one.  It should be very interesting and a hoot to do.  I’m looking forward to it!

I’m doing a rooster, because I love the bold color and Winter Garden in its hey day was a very rural area, with a produce and citrus industry.  So wish me luck, or break a leg!

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Books About and by Mary Whyte

One of my goals for the new year was to get back to reading more books. I have found myself the past year  being more self absorbed with reading on the computer, iPad, and checking Facebook which has taken away too much  time I would normally spend reading books from my library, specifically my art books.   How did I let that happen?

Starting with the new year I have been spending a little time in the morning and during breakfast reading my art books.  Since I received the lovely book, More Than a Likeness: The Enduring Art of Mary Whyte, by Martha R. Severens, for Christmas. I started there.  After, I felt compelled to read again Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor by Mary Whyte.  I have skimmed and read this one several times since it is chock full of so much good information.

www.kimminichiello.comI don’t know of anyone who paints in watercolor and is familiar with Mary Whyte who doesn’t admire her work.  More Than a Likeness is a beautiful coffee table book that features many of Mary’s paintings from her early years, commissions, oils and many of the paintings one might be most familiar with from her “Working South” series and the paintings of life on St. Johns Island.  This is not a technique book but a lovely narrative of how Mary became the artist she is today.  It reads in chronological order from her early years as a student, how she started her art career,  to how she was inspired to paint the Gullah women on St. Johns Island, South Carolina,  to the years she spent traveling the United States to capture people that are working in dying industries in the South.


Demo Page from Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor

 Written by Martha Severens, an art historian who served as the curator of the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, South Carolina, the book captures the essence of who Mary is as a person and how her experiences have influenced her work.

Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor, is a more of a technique book written by Mary.  Even if you don’t paint figures or portraits, I highly recommend this book.  What you would learn you could apply to anything you would paint in watercolor.  The chapters are broken down to:

  • Getting Started
  • Materials & Tools
  • Techniques
  • Drawing
  • Values
  • Edges
  • Color & Light
  • Backgrounds
  • Life as an Artist

I have put this book on my recommend reading list for my workshop students.  Her chapters on design and composition, value, edges, color and background are important aspects to the whole painting process  that many fail to consider when they start out painting regardless of the medium one would work with.  Especially if you paint in watercolor, I feel you would find both of these wonderful books inspiring!

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Bold & Dynamic Watercolor Workshop Last Weekend

Kim Minichiello WorkshopThe weather was so beautiful here last weekend it was a shame to spend it indoors, however, I wouldn’t have traded the time spent with my amazing workshop students for anything!  The more I teach the more I enjoy doing it.  I had a great group who did a wonderful job.  I felt honored one of my students traveled down to Florida from Illinois just to take my workshop!  I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and keep those brushes wet!

Good News!

Lion Dance, Watercolor, framed size 43″ x 43″, 109 cm x 109 cm, $6700.00

It has been a great week for good news!  Lion Dance has been accepted into the Southern Watercolor Society’s Annual Exhibition which will be at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, TN. May 8-July 5. Thank you to juror Kathleen Conover for adding this piece to the show!

Mayan Gate_Kim

Mayan Gate, Watercolor, 14.5″ x 21.5″, 37 cm x 54.5 cm, $1300

Also got word this week that Mayan Gate was accepted by juror Iain Stewart, for the 2015 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition. This will be my third year (in a row) in a GWS National Exhibition, which means I will be a Signature Member. Woo Hoo! Show will be at the Ogelthorpe University Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, March 14-April 26. I’m very honored to be in the show, and to be a Signature Member with GWS!

On an artists note, I just wanted to mention once again, if you enter competitions or have an interest to, keep trying!  Lion Dance was passed over a few times, to finally land a spot in a show.  It’s never a good idea to try to second guess the taste or preference of the judge because you just never know.  It is a good idea to submit the best work that you have in your inventory at the time.  Make sure you read the prospectus carefully for size restrictions, and other criteria for EACH show.  They vary from show to show.  Keep those brushes wet and good luck!

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New Work… A Splash of Red

www.kimminichiello.comA Splash of Red, Watercolor Mounted on Archival Board and Sealed, 12″ x 12″,  30.5 cm x 30.5 cm.

Will be available at the 127 SoBo Gallery for their February Exhibition, “A Splash of Color”

$550, Please contact me for purchase information.

Sometime you are at the right place at the right time.  That’s how I felt when I came across  some bromeliads while visiting a local garden show.  The light was hitting them creating some really interesting shadow patterns.  That,  plus their beautiful color and just the design of these beautiful plants is what drew me to paint them.  I have a collection of bromeliads in my home garden here in Florida.  This may be the start of a continuing series.  However the light has to be just right!

Kim Minichiello


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