Plein Air Painting in Italy, Epcot

www.kimminichiello.comLast week I had the fortunate opportunity to plein air paint with some Walt Disney Imagineers in Italy, at Epcot.  We arrived at sun up to have just shy of a couple of hours to paint.  Instead of working in my sketch book I thought I would give the plein air easel a go and work on piece of paper.  I don’t know why but when I’m working in the sketch book I’m looser and don’t focus on the details as much.  I need to start applying that same mentality to the piece of paper!  Maybe I should work smaller to have the same size surface as my sketchbook and I won’t have the urge to be as detailed.


It was a glorious day and it’s so magical being in the park before the guests arrive!

Kim Minichiello painting plein air at EpcotNext time I’m going to force myself to be quicker with the drawing/sketch so there is more time for painting.